Planes, Trains, Automobiles…and sleighs!


They say that home is where the heart is…

I find it intriguing how, when we go off on holiday or have a night away the first thing the boys do is find their beds, tip out all their stuff, and are instantly ‘at home’. They don’t even need a bed! Just a space on a floor and they ‘set up camp’ and make themselves at home! If they have each other, their iPads and a pair of pants they are sorted!

Yesterday, our little herberts heard that they would be OFF TO LAPLAND the very next today! A parcel had arrived from Mr. Claus inviting them to pack their bags, get dressed and head off to the North Pole!


Today we are heading 250km ABOVE the arctic circle to the tiny Finnish village of Saariselkha. It seemed like a good idea back in the summer…but, having now located it on a map, I n0w realise just HOW far north we are going. To the village that boasts Europe’s most northerly hotel! My google weather app shows sunrise at 11.15am and sun set at 1.30pm! This is going to be interesting!

The car journey today was almost unbearable (we have now cut half the bells of their annoying costumes!!). At one point we seriously considered using the roof box for Tom! Having arrived at Gatwick we took a high speed shuttle to somewhere else in the terminal and found our hotel for the night RIGHT on the edge of the runway! It couldn’t have been more perfect for three excited little boys. IMG_8614Perhaps they’d heard them in the background when we’d tried to book our room…but, either way, we were right at the very end of the hotel, tucked away..facing the runway on two panoramic sides! It only took 3 minutes before one little elf decided it could be a fun idea to flash his bum at a landing pilot…and only 1 minute before the little elfs mum threatened to take him home!

Our start today was an early one…5am! As we checked in, the ‘flashing elf’ of the night before laid down his coat and informed me he was going to ‘have an extra dream’ before we got on the plane… What an ability… to just relax and chill wherever you are. He was dreaming of reindeers…

As we touched down at the tiny and VERY ICEY Ivalo airport in northern Finland we were told by the captain to expect -26 degrees…their coldest day of the year so far! Matthew learnt the hard way that you don’t touch a metal luggage trolley with no gloves on…and, having collected our luggage, it is now time to head off by coach and then, to find a sleigh to complete our journey…

The adventure begins here!


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