First…let me take a selfie!

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What an adventure we have had!

Up in the high arctic for a Christmas we’ll never forget!

Our log cabin in the woods was a slice of heaven on a plate! I checked the wardrobes for a secret panel but realised we had only to open our front door to enter Narnia! If you EVER get the chance to visit Lapland – take it! Make it happen if you possibly can…WOW! WOW! WOW! Lapland saw one of my long held dreams come true…finding the Northern Lights…

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With temperatures down to -38 (before the windchill!) it was an experience like no other! Our night safari on snowmobiles on Christmas Eve was a real highlight… I watched nervously as the kids were whisked off on a sleigh into the pitch black woods…and, after a 4 minute lesson, we were heading off behind them, Matthew driving a snowmobile that purred like a ducati! Never have I felt more alive and more excited! I had what I can only describe as a mad ‘Kelly McGillis’ moment, reliving the 80’s as we sped through the snow, clinging on to the back of the bike I started singing..’Take me to the danger zone!!!! Over and over again! As we arrived at the campfire in the middle of the forest the boys were already sipping hot berry juice and, as if by magic, the northern lights began to rise above us!! Snaking through the sky they danced a show that made me literally cry! Jack urged me to grab my camera and take a photo…

“You’ve ALWAYS wanted to see them Mummy!’

They all knew that seeing the lights was such a long held dream of mine…A top of the bucket list moment and, on Christmas Eve, with my little family, my dream had come true! Jack jumped up and down, begging me to get my camera out of the rucsac but, to my surprise, the girl-with-the-camera, wanted nothing more than to enjoy the moment, hug her boys and seize the moment!  What a night! There, under the northern lights on Christmas Eve, we hugged, laughed and cried. Pure magic! The moment was only broken when Callum announced he needed the toilet!

He now holds the dubious accolade of having wee’d under the northern lights (and survived the sub zero temperatures!)…

Saariselka is an incredible place. Our time there is something I’ll never forget x That moment (our hug, not Callum’s wee) is something I’ll NEVER forget!

So, wherever you find yourself…be it at home…on a mountainside… in the middle of an arctic wood on Christmas Eve, take a moment to take a selfie…not with your phone…or a camera… but with your heart.  Grab those you hold dear and take a moment.  Put that selfie safely into your memory bank and hold it tight.  When times get tough…bring it out and smile. xx


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