About Us



So, whose blog is this anyway?

Well, my name is Sacha and I am a mum to three young boys: Callum, Jack and Thomas (10,8 and 5). We attempt to sail ‘HMS Raising Boys’ from a little village not far from the coastal town of Brightlingsea, located in the East of England. On board ship is (Vice) Captain Matthew, my husband of 7 years (who mistakenly believes he holds the captain’s rank), our (not-a-chance-of-being-a-guide-dog) Ben – who, rather appropriately was born on Halloween and our two cats: Dumbledore (who, 13 years ago, was acquired in a deal that involved swapping a pot plant for a cat) and Smudge ( a GORGEOUS rag doll cat that I was given before we were blessed with the boys). We have three 8 tiny Giant African Land snails who demolish a mountain of cucumber and cuttlefish everyday and 6 fish that live in The Pond that Tom Built.

We recently gave up our ‘proper jobs’ to chase our dreams and run our own tutoring business, Learning Academies. This now means we spend an extraordinary amount of time together (although we have each set up base camp in different areas of the house! I love to travel and have a passion for photography and writing. I was in a doctors surgery for my final injections, ready to head for Africa, when I first found out I was expecting our first baby. The shock of the ‘just in case’ test was seismic! Africa may well have gone on hold but the best adventure of our lives had just begun! As one of three girls, with five step sisters, and four nieces (and one, wonderful nephew!) it was a wonderful surprise when our first son arrived, closely followed by two further boys…

Raising boys is a mystery that I try daily to unravel! I had no idea that it was even possible to attempt a Mexican Wave with your willy, or that this could become a hilarious team sport! I live and learn. I had never built an aerial runway from the top of a tree and slid down using only a bike lock. I had never tried to run up a wall, spiderman style or to swim, midwinter in the North Sea, to wee standing up, taking aim and firing with precision. But, until now, I have never raised boys!

This blog shares just a little of our journey. Just a mum, on a mission to survive. Enjoy the journey! Stay Safe!



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